The Nemesis Kirja 2018

  • Suomen Itsenäisyyden henki. 1807-1991.
    Suomen Itsenäisyyden henki. 1807-1991.

Uusi Kirja 2018. The Nemesis. Author Victor Leinonen.



The President of Finland Kyösti Kallio. (1937-1940).

Translated from Finnish to English.

To Suomi people and friends!

“As President of the Republic, it has been a tradition of mine that on the first day of the year to send out greetings message through our radio broadcasts, to create a brief overview of our societies and economic development.
This time I have to give up on the practice because now there is only one thing that is on our mind, to rescue our fatherland from the attacker's reach that has struck its claws on our governing body.

Our bodies. The old imperialist Russia, throughout history, has been a threat to the Finnish people, once again manifested its old instincts and without the slightest legitimate reason to attack our country.
Russian Tsar Imperialism has collapsed, but the imperialist practices have apparently been inherited to its current rulers, even though their teacher guru Lenin declared when he came into power to be respectful of the sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples on the fringes of the old Tsar territory.

In practice, it has turned out to be words only. Initially, the sovereignty of the peoples who had the national strength to rise up and watch over their independence, and they did gain independence, but now the Soviet Union leaders appear to be strong enough to demand influence over those countries as well. (growing military strength emboldens Soviet union leaders to demand control of the neighbors).

Such a request even though initially was cautious, was also made to Finland.
From the experience of centuries, Finland was aware of what it was all about. Peace-loving-People like Finland, it tried to get the requests presented to us through negotiation, however, the apparent requests of the Soviet Union turned out to be demands on Finland's own security and interest were to be relocated and diminished.
The Soviet Union, as usual, made its claim under the guise of security of Leningrad, but in reality, it was the transport connections between the Gulf of Finland and Petsamo fjord control and disposal, weakening of Finland's defense capabilities in the Gulf of Finland, Karelian Isthmus and the Port of Petsamo.

None of the Leningrad's insecurity could have been the truth of the matter because already in Tartu's peace agreement it was agreed that Finland could not fortify Leningrad region, or the islands along the waterway and the shoreline area near Leningrad, nor the Finnish fishermen's island area at the Port of Petsamo.

In the negotiations, the Soviet representatives acknowledged these guarantees as sufficient about Finland but required additional guarantees that no superpower could take advantage of Finland's territory in a potential war against Russia. That was also an excuse because Finland is always there openly said that it wanted to stay away from the conflicts between the great powers and laments himself against every foreign power that seeks to offend his sovereignty.

Russia’s invasion of Finland when the negotiations were still unfinished. And they delivered a demand for the  appointment of the Communist government to our unconquerable country, shows that it had been presumptuously decided to occupy Finland and at the same time to engulf the country with the spirit of the Bolsheviks politics, when the initial requests as they were, was not granted.

Our country was in a state of readiness that Russia did not get us by surprise, even though there is a non-fortified border over 1,000 kilometers. They attacked the border right away in some points, not caring less, and completely ignoring the agreements that we had with them, e.g., the resolution of mutual disputes by peaceful means.

Ruthlessly attacking using airplanes on the capital and other settlements by killing children, women and other civilians. Through these acts, the Soviet Union revealed at the beginning of its agenda. This raw assault brought together the front the whole of the Finnish people, whose national self-esteem and the blood felt love for the liberty of our independence, which every year we are increasingly strengthened.

Our defense is intact and indivisible. Our Parliament has unanimously drawn up laws that show its long-awaited consideration today. Defense work does not only involve men but also women who are sacrificing themselves; the versatile operation is of great value. The proportion of women today more noticeable when they are receiving, and part of the refugees and relocating process with incredible pride and with serenity adapted to both sides of the new conditions.

During this high trial of our nation, we have the consolation among us, cooperation and unity. It seems as if the people of Finland in the great distress found themselves. Moreover, that is why we need to rejoice.
The sacrifice we now need everywhere is of high divine origin.
Sacrifice His work and resources for the neighbor is significant, but to sacrifice himself, the life of his country, and For his people is still much higher. In front of its vulnerability, we are silent, and we humble to thank God for great suffering and sorrows to awaken new life values.

We sincerely regret that we have been subjected to warfare that requires victims. But we have no other way to protect our independence than a sacrificial battle for our existence sake.
A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to greet our superiors' officers and crews and express our gratitude to our peoples for the different positions that stand for the protection of our home and the whole motherland.

These two fateful weeks that we have since lived have given us their own for our people and the whole world, new testimonies of the battle readiness of our defense Forces, perseverance and above all the unity and cooperation they have shown on land, at sea, and in the air. On behalf of our people, without mentioning anyone individually, or forgetting anyone, for everyone to our country defenders are heroic and deserves deep praise.

This equally grateful greeting is also presented to those wounded at the front lines, laying in the hospitals from their acts of courage. Which I have pointed out they are carrying the hard fate continually remembering their comrades who are on the front lines.

However, above all, we take a moment of silence to give respect to the many who have sacrificed their lives for our collective homeland. Moreover, you, mothers, fathers, spouses, children, brothers and sisters, who are doing heavy work at home you will know this during this fateful. Season, with greetings with the consent of knowing that every hand- You know that this is now about the existence of our nation and the future of which we all are  Responsible for.

Let us continue to carry our burdens each in place with the same unity and bravery. Every work for the motherland is now essential and necessary."

(Presidentti-kallio, 1940)


From The Nemesi Book.

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