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  • Suomen kansa ja 600 vuoden historia
    Suomen kansa ja 600 vuoden historia
  • Yhteyskunnan oikeuden ja järjestyksen perusta.
    Yhteyskunnan oikeuden ja järjestyksen perusta.
  • Valkoinen joutsen perhe
    Valkoinen joutsen perhe

Englanti kielellä Suomen 600 vuoden taistelu itsenäisyydestä.


In the rock art of Karelia, there is a picture outline of swans, the creators of those pictures are sometimes called the “water bird nation” (Fin. Vesilintu kansa). According to the belief of the Karelian people, the white swans should not be harmed, if they were harmed the same fate would return to that person as the injured swan. Because when swans are feeding, their heads are submerging under the surface of the water, therefore it is believed that swans have access to the underworld/hades as well."

The White Swans inspire Artists, Musicians, and Poets in Finland.

"Jean Sibelius, (8 December 1865 – 20 September 1957) was a composer, violinist of the late Romantic and early-modern periods. He is widely recognized as Finland’s greatest composer and, through his music, is often credited with having helped Finland to develop a national identity during the early independence years, to the First World War fighting with Russian Bolshevism and Stalinism."

"In the Suite, Lemminkäinen is about the transcendental image of a mystical swan swimming around Hades, the island of the dead. The mythological figure Lemminkäinen has been tasked with killing the sacred swan, but on the way,  he is shot with a poisoned arrow and dies by himself."

"Eino Leino (6 July 1878 – 10 January 1926) was a famous poet and journalist. He is considered as one of the pioneers of Finnish poetry. His Swan of the Hades poem has been inspired by the symbolism that first started in picture arts. The poem translated from Finnish brings out thoughts like this:

“Oh! the visiting white birds of the Lapland summer, the great ideological beings, you I welcome! Please stay, make your nest here, if you do go to the lands of the south! Oh, do study and learn from the Swans! They leave in the autumn and return in the spring. There is peace on our shores and safety on the breast of the Tundra."


"The early pioneer's many thousands of years ago traveled northwards exploring the unknown, uninhabited Nordic northland. At the same time, nomadic peoples were living along the waters of the Arctic Sea, on the shores of the Barents and the Norwegian Sea. The indigenous people tribes East and West of Siberia, thousands of years ago, have left cave paintings in Norway, that the modern day scientific dating methods translate the cave painting to be some 8000 years old. The world of the indigenous peoples is very different to the Imperial States colonization. A very long slow history of humanity has been lived out before the industrial revolution, which made way to new concepts to enlighten the human conscience, and how people see themselves and the world that they live in..."

Uusi kirja tulee Toukokuussa 2018.

Kirja on tarkoitettu Englanti kielisille ketkä eivät tiedä eikä käsitä miten vaikeaa on 3 miljoonan kansa säilyttää itsenäisyys, kun naapurissa elää 100 miljoonan henkinen karhu. 

Mitä siinä voi oikeudenmukaisuutta kunnioittavat ihmiset tehdä?

Miten kansa puolustaa itsenäisyyttä? Kun laittomuus irtautuu yli Luonnonoikeudenmukaisuuden rajojen?

Siinä pitää tietää ja tuntea oikeudet, luonnonoikeudenmukaisuuden Hengen.

The Spirit of the Natural Law.     

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